Testimonials & Reviews


from the Time for Change project, Voices Women’s Group, Belfast, a six-month creative writing course in personal and community development

“The project was very enjoyable, both educational and therapeutic. Shelley created a relaxing, calming atmosphere which helped me to calm my thoughts resulting in a calming response to difficulties in my life.”


“Interesting and enjoyable”

Educational and therapeutic

“Shelley brings out of us what we didn’t know we had. She did it in a very caring, interesting and enjoyable way.”

Testimonials from recent online writing courses

  • Thank you very much for a most engaging experience each week which has got most of us through lock down in one piece.” 
  • It’s a workout for my creative soul.”
  • “It has been incredibly important to surviving lock down to have this focus.”
  • “As always I never feel I’ve anything to write and then stuff just comes out thanks to your prompts” 
  • “Your prompts are triggers- not in the sense of triggering overwhelming fear and emotion, of traumatic flashbacks but of triggers to creativity, to processing, to moving forward to releasing the stories in our heads. And most importantly triggers to seeing beauty in our heads, translate to beauty in our words- we hope!”
  • This course is a lifeline because firstly you build a real feeling of connection and I think that the way you structure the class with prompts and responses to the prompts and to the other’s work fosters this.
    Also the way you structure prevents us getting lost in our own heads too much while still leaving room for development after the class finishes.”
  • “This class helps me to find the thoughts and emotions, the preoccupations, to see them, to identify them and to release them on paper, to understand them better, or at all! You are creating a space for and giving me permission to be creative.”

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